‘Rasuwa Art Expedition’ from today

Kathmandu, Nov 7, A group of artists from Kathmandu Valley, which has been working to popularize historical, archaeological and religious areas through art for over a decade, is organizing ‘live painting workshop in Rasuwa for the first time. The group of artists which was formed through facebook networking has been organizing such workshop on every Saturday.

The artists are organizing ‘Saturday live art workshop’ focusing on the historical and religious tourism area of Rasuwa. Diwesh Pradhan, coordinator of the programme, shared they are organizing the art workshop entitled ”Rasuwa Art Expedition’. The artists are leaving for Rasuwa today to organize the event.

Pradhan further informed that they would make on-site visits to historical and religious shrine Uttargayadham (the meeting point of Rasuwa and Nuwakot) and Betrawati Bazaar today and organize live art workshop in the Haribodhani Ekadashi (the special days for Hiindu revelers) fair site. The arts sketched on the occasion would be showcased on Friday evening.

The expedition would be participated in by Rakesh Chandra Shrestha, Deependraman Banepali, Radheshyam Karmacharya, Kaanchhakaji Bhasima, Bikram Prajapati, Prakash Manandhar, Jhalak KC, Suryaram Suwal and Ruwin Bade. The workshop is locally coordinated by artists Shashi Kumar Dangol and Dilliram Ghimire.

Earlier, the artists’ team had organized live art workshop in Bhotekoshi area under Bhotekoshi civilization to promote tourism. The team has been organizing such events in different religious, archeological and historical areas of Kathmandu Valley for the past one year.