Parbat, Nov 15:   A new mother from Kushma municipality-4, Zero Kimi, Parbat has witnessed failure of her both kidneys. Bishaka Pariyar, 23, who went through a cesarean delivery on November 3 is now surviving with kidney failure. The kidney failure was diagnosed after her urine discharge function remained blocked for 18 hours after delivering the child, said her sister-in-law Sabita Pariyar.

The condition of mother and child was normal in the beginning but she grew problem in discharging urine after the delivery. Lab tests showed that her kidneys were already dysfunctional. With this her condition is becoming critical. She is now undergoing treatment at ICU in the Gandaki Hospital in Pokhara.

The newborn, who critically needs mother’s intensive care and breastfeeding, has become helpless after she was diagnosed with kidney failure. Bishaka is in ICU ward of the hospital for over 13 days immediately after delivery. The child is secluded from mother to protect the newborn from possible infections. She is now undergoing dialysis every day.

More than Rs 100,000 has already been spent so far for the treatment, Sabita shared. “The 13-day child is surviving her life relying on lactose. It is an excruciating pain to bear”, Sabina added.