‘Lets not make hue and cry about video conference’ urges Minister Banskota

Kathmandu, Aug 29: Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Banskota has urged one and all not to make hue and cry about the Cabinet meeting held through video-conferencing (VC).

A meeting was conducted through video-conferencing on August 26 making the most of the ICT where Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had taken part while he was in Singapore for his treatment.

Speaking in today’s meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) seeking special time with the Speaker, Minister Banskota argued that video-conferencing was the best usage of the information technology and urged not make unnecessary comments on it.

Banskota clarified, ” The video-conferencing between the PM and members of Council of Ministers was just a sit-down virtually to exchange information on the national concerns. It was not a cabinet meeting. I can’t understand who named it a cabinet meeting and how false information is doing rounds among us.”

According to him, the Ministers exchanged information with PM but did not make any decision during that video-conferencing.

Stating that the incumbent government was responsible towards the country and the citizen, the Minister reaffirmed the government’s commitment on having integrity towards the national interest.

Minister Banskota urged one and all not to flare up the issue relating to the video-conferencing. He viewed that the instance of video-conference had provided that Nepal is also capable of leveraging information technology.

He informed that he had briefed the media about the video-conferencing the same day it was held.

The major parties namely Nepali Congress had demanded clarification on the VC in the federal parliament. They had criticized the VC, arguing that there would be no privacy of the meeting and the national interested would be divided.

While the issue was raised from all quarters, Minister Banskota, also Spokesperson of the government, explained, “We have not lied or cheated regarding VC. We made the most of the information technology. Let’s not make a hue and cry about it.”

He expressed his qualm over the misinformation spread over the Video conference that it had breached the national interest and had pose a threat to sovereignty of the nation.

Banskota said, “It is not necessary to raise question on the sacrifices, integrity and contribution as well as the morality of the Prime Minister.”

He also informed that PM Oli was currently undergoing treatment in Singapore.