‘Nepali Babu Made in Nepal’

Sichuan, China, 29 December 2017: A Cultural program organized by China West Normal University Nanchong, Sichuan to Welcome the New Year 2018, Nepalese students studying in the university actively participated performing their Nepalese cultural dance and singing. In the program students from Ghana, Botswana, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Laos and other foreign students also performed their dance and singing as well.

On the very occasion, participants along with the professors, teachers, and peers welcomed Nepalese performers with great applause. A Nepalese student named Dhananjaya Buddha(Dong Nan), when entered onto the stage in Nepalese custom all the participants cheered up. He performed his beautiful dance in the song “Nepali Babu Made in Nepal” holding Nepalese Flag on the stage. Another performance was by a Nepalese Lady who danced in a beautiful Nepalese song called “Maitighar”.

Specially the program was organized by the university to exchange the wishes for the upcoming new year 2018. All the foreign students studying in the university enjoyed the program and the performers were also from all the respective countries who enjoyed the moment with singing their own language songs. Some foreign students also sang the Chinese songs too. At the very beginning of the program a Nepalese student Kuber Nepal, speaking in Chinese wished for prosperity, longevity, peace, and happiness in 2018 to all the teachers, students and the participants of the program. More than 15 students showed their performance.

The program was hosted by CWNU and was chaired by university dean Shi Liu Shan as a chief guest and other teaching personals Qiu Xia, Zhang Bing Bing, Yi Xiao Min, Han Jia Xiu, Cai Ji Lin, Tang Yu Hong were also present in the program.

China West Normal University (CWNU) is a reputed university in west China, located in Nanchong city in Sichuan. It was established in 1946.