‘Piece of Peace’ Project Carried out by International Peace Organization and Youth Group of the Middle East

Training Of Trainees (TOT) camp was held to implement peace education and activities for youth in Marouf Saad elementary school of Saida in Lebanon from June 30th to July 3rd. Students from Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria and social representatives including a politician, a journalist, and leaders of civil society participated in this event.

The event was hosted by the Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA), a non-governmental organization working for conflict resolution and non-violence of the youth based on building peace. In particular, the ‘Piece of Peace’ project suggested by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) was carried out at the event. This project aimed to make the youth, the future of the country, recognize the necessity of peace through the activity drawing the pure image of peace.

As a leading role in a future generation, the youth have actively engaged in this project by drawing the image of peace, which they dream of, and thinking a way of achieving peace. Mr. Fadlallah Hossouna, Executive Director of DPNA, said, “Many youths from all nationalities like Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians enjoyed the camp through the art activity. So, all the difficulties against peace seemed to be removed. I appreciate HWPL to turn arts into a way of reaching peace.”

HWPL, an international peace organization, emphasizes on the roles that politicians, religious leaders, women, youth, and media from all walks of life can and do to play in achieving peace. HWPL, affiliated with more than 805 organizations of 110 countries, transcends culture, religion, ideology, and boundaries to achieve peaceful harmony in the global society. Furthermore, DPNA and HWPL are going to enlarge promoting peace activities throughout Lebanon.