15 thousand ropani public land found encroached

Parbat, Sept 7. More than 15,000 ropani of public land was found to have been encouraged by individuals and institutions in Jaljala rural municipality. Majority of the encroached land is in and around Maldhunga Beni roadside and Kaligandaki river bank.

Evidence has been found showing 15,282 ropani of public land being used by private individuals, according to the rural municipality sources.
Furthermore, in response to increasing complaints of Guthi or trust land too being encroached, the rural municipality has initiated a drive to locate and manage public land. Accordingly, a committee has been formed under the leadership of ward no. 4 chair Bhisma Malla. He is also the coordinator the forest, environment and disaster management committee of the rural municipality, according to Chief Administrative Officer Arjun Sharma.

The first phase of investigation and study carried out in four wards, 3, 4, 7 and 8 found a total of 15,282 ropani of public land being used as farmlands and to construct houses by the locals.

The local elected people’s representatives have also joined the campaign very actively. Meanwhile, the rural municipality is also working to develop a new policy for identification, documentation and proper use of public land.