‘Girls from 4-18 years victim of violence’

Lalitpur, Sept 23 Girls between four to 18 years old have become the highest number of victims to violence in the country.

It was shared at a programme organised on Monday to release a study report on ‘Nepal Police’s accountability in human rights of women survivors of rape and access to justice’ carried out by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

On the occasion, NHRC Chair Anupraj Sharma said that most of the girls from Dalit, indigenous and Muslim communities as well as girls with disabilities have been subjected to violence. “The incident of violence will decrease if friendly relation between Nepal Police and general public is further expanded in the society,” he said.

Sharma further said that police’s participation was upmost to protect and promote human rights. Similarly, NHRC member Mohna Ansari expressed concern that some women and girls survivors of rape have not got justice yet. She said, “We have not been able to look after the incidents of human rights violation in state 3 for lack of sufficient budget.”

Ansari said, “The NHRC has been facing challenges to collect evidence of incidents and carry out investigation of the problems in human rights sector”.
She said that most of the perpetrators are from 19 to 75 years old and added that one per cent of women survivors of violence become pregnant and suffer from mental illness.

The NHRC member stressed that the government should carry out activities to create awareness among children about violence through the medium of curriculum in the country. Likewise, another NHRC member Sudip Pathak said that the government and Nepal Police should make arrangement of health examination of rape survivor women and maintain secrecy as well as launch awareness training.

Similarly, Inspector General of Police, Sarbendra Khanal, said that they have reached among 600,000 students and 600,000 people under Community Partnership Programme brought by Nepal Police. He mentioned that Nepal Police have become successful to settle 97 per cent of cases filed regarding rape.