“Unification likely on the basis of equality,” hints leader Mahato

Dhanusha, Sept 25 . Rastriya Janata Party (RJP) Nepal’s presidium member Rajendra Mahato has hinted at the possibility of the merger between RJP and Federal Socialist Forum on the basis of equality provided it pulled out its support for the incumbent government.

At a press meet organized at Janakpur today, leader Mahato underscored party unification to form an alternative force and to address the demands of public.
Stating that an alternative force would not be formed while being in government, Mahato informed that six Madhesh-centric political parties had already entered the unification process and underlined unification between the RJP Nepal and Forum to honour the sentiments of the public.

“Informal discussions have been held surrounding the party unification with the Forum but we demand the Forum to pull out its support to government,” the former Minister said.

He viewed that Nepal needed a strong alternative party against Nepali Congress and Nepal Communist Party and it was only possible after the merger with like-minded Madhesh-centric political parties.

Claiming that the people’s demand was merger between RJP Nepal and Forum and the leadership in both the parties were positive towards it, Mahato said that they would continue to protest the constitution until an amendment was considered on it.